Per Wickstrom, chief executive officer at Best Drug Rehabilitation in Manistee, Michigan, recently launched the Imagination Heals program after witnessing the powerful effect that music and art have on ill individuals. The program provides patients in children’s hospitals worldwide with the book Pacha’s Pajamas and its soundtrack as they undergo treatment. In addition, Imagination Heals encourages hospital visits by celebrities and facilitates interactive performances for children.

Imagination Heals is helping children’s hospitals by providing music to use in music therapy, which has been shown to significantly reduce rates of patient depression and to quell anxiety. Some patients even report relief from chronic pain. As a secondary benefit, the diverse selection of material delivered by Imagination Heals boosts the cultural competency of medical providers. The celebrity visits and on-site performances also garner invaluable attention for hospitals. They enhance various communication efforts, particularly in the areas of fundraising and marketing.

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